How To Compare Payroll Outsourcing Companies

Considering outsourcing your payroll? Freeing yourself from this complicated task will save you and your employees both time and money. Read on for tools to find and compare payroll companies.

payroll outsourcing companies


Outsourcing payroll keeps you and your staff from having to perform the operation yourselves. It’s expensive to process payroll by hand, whether you do it yourself or you hire a bookkeeper who requires training. A payroll provider will do the work for you for less money than it costs you on your own.

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Selecting a payroll provider can also help you to avoid mistakes and their expensive consequences. Your company gets charged for any incorrect payments or filings, but many payroll outsourcing companies will provide a tax guarantee, which means that if any mistakes are found, the company will take complete responsibility. You won’t have to pay any further penalties for payroll inaccuracy.


Not only will mistakes be avoided, but physical and mental pain as well. Manual payroll is a tedious nightmare. Thankfully, outsourcing payroll takes the headache away. There are many different payroll outsourcing companies, and it is important to decide on one that will perform ideally for your business. When choosing a service, confirm their professional qualifications, and then consider carefully the features that will best suit your business’s needs.


Different companies provide different tax services, but again, a great thing to look for is a tax guarantee, which most companies will provide. Some services will let you choose the tasks you’d like them to handle for you, in case you plan on continuing to do some of it on your own. Know what you would like your plan to look like, before you hire a service, so that you may avoid as many additional expenses as possible.


Outsourcing companies differ in the types of businesses they serve, although almost all of them include small businesses. You’ll need to pay attention to this, especially if your company is online. The way you manage your business also changes which service you would choose, preferably one with different online access for you and your employees.


Different companies have different methods of payment, many giving you the decision between direct deposit, pay cards, or checks. Also you should find a service willing to accommodate payments for hourly, salaried, and/or contracted employees, whichever methods you require. Some services will limit how many payrolls you can run every month, so be careful not to choose one that will be an obstacle for your business.


Finally, your impression of a particular service will depend greatly on that service’s help and support reliability. Help and support is very important to help your company deal with any issues that come up. Service should be available by a combination of phone, email, or live chat. Look for a company that offers 24/7 support if your business will be running on weekends. Make sure that the service you choose will be consistently dependable.


Whether you choose Intuit, ADP, ProPayroll, or any other service, you and your business will find outsourcing their payroll to be a great choice, mainly because of the huge benefits listed here.

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